My own best friend Chicago (Musical)

My own best friend Chicago (Musical)
And now, Miss Roxie Hart and Miss Velma Kelly sing a song of unrelenting determination and unmitigated ego.

One thing I know – One thing I know
And I’ve always known – And I’ve always known
I am my own – I am my own
Best friend

Baby’s alive – Baby’s alive
But baby’s alone – But baby’s alone
And baby’s her own – And baby’s her own
Best friend

Many’s the guy
Who told me he cares
But they were scratchin’ my back
‘Cause I was scratchin’ theirs

And trusting to luck – And trusting to luck
That’s only for fools – Only for fools
I play in a game – I play in a game
Where I make the rules
And rule number one
From here to the end
Is ‘I am my own best friend’

Three musketees
Who never say die
Are standing here this minute

Me – Me
Myself – Myself
And I! -And I!

If life is a school
I’ll pass every test
If life is a game
I’ll play it the best
‘Cause I won’t give in
and I’ll never bend
and I am my own best friend!


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