Amica Mutual Achieves I-CAR Gold Class Professionals Business Designation

Amica Mutual Achieves I-CAR Gold Class Professionals Business Designation
I-CAR announced that Amica Mutual Insurance Company has earned the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals designation in locations throughout the United States. All Amica Mutual Insurance Staff Appraisers and APD Supervisors have completed the required I-CAR training to achieve the Gold Class Professionals business designation for Amica Mutual Insurance. A majority of Amica employees have also achieved their Platinum Individual designation.

“It was essential for Amica to fulfill its mission to complete I-CAR training and reach Gold Class status,” states Scott M. Wendel, Amica Mutual Insurance Company APD Manager. “I-CAR training is highly regarded in the industry; the training achieved will not only enhance employee job performance while positioning Amica as an insurance company that values inter-industry training, but also benefit our customers by dealing with highly trained professionals. It’s also an added benefit for our employees to have completed 10 tested points of training each to complete their I-CAR Platinum Individual status.”

“I-CAR and Amica Mutual Insurance worked together to reach this goal,” states Jeff Peevy I-CAR Field Operations Manager. “I-CAR is proud of their achievement and would like to congratulate them at this time for achieving the highest standard of collision repair training recognized by the industry.”

The Gold Class Professionals program requires 5 points of tested training per employee to initially qualify, which equates to 20 hours of training per employee.

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